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sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2007

So.....That's what it feels being fucked up by the ass, huh?

That's right people, I was hoping for a miracle, expecting some kind of mercyness from the teacher but......*sigh*......
Looks like my title should wait a little bit longer, now I have to focus in paying for my inter-semester course for this sunject. Not so bad if you consider that soon I'll have ALL THE FUCKING TIME IN THE WORLD. How's that?
January, is the time where Flenco (that's where I work) does this employee depuration thing and I'm pretty sure that I will be fired. Now, not only do I have to focus in my inter-semester but also, i have to focus in getting a new job where to earn enough money for paying the school and still have time for school as well.
Fuck, I need a drink desperately.........
Today at night I'm supposed to go to a party, but I don't feel in the mood for partying so maybe I will go to the highest tree on the city and hang myself there. Well no! Maybe I'll go to Malaga's, this nice pub where I can get drunk and sink my worries in the same alcohol I consume.
Or maybe, just for vary, I'll go to Q'Chelas pub, is nice too and this night is free, at least until 1:00 am, enough for me to getting drunk and happy.
Ok, should go, see you next Monday (this time is true I swear it)

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